Thursday, August 4, 2011

45 minutes survey:)

Name : MISS nurul husna binti abdul rashid

Brother(s) : 3 brothers.1 youngest brother

Eye colour : dark black!

Shoe size : 6. sometimes 7. haha

Hair : hmmm.....

Piercings : ear

Height : 156cm . .?? I dont remember! haha

What are you wearing right now : 
sleep all day grey version

Where do you live : rumah yang baru berubah rupa 
for my brother getting his marriege..

Favourite number : 22 and 4

Favourite drink : neskape full foam!!!..gaya  beb!!

Favourite month : april fool!

Favourite breakfast : sandwich tuna full 
mayo and salad..diabetik!

-Have you ever-
  • Broken a bone : NEBER..
  • Been in a police car : no
  • Fallen for a friend : yeah. haha so stupid.
  • Fallen for a guy in a short period of time : 
       hmmm. i dont know. oh i remembered. yes, once.twice.
  • Swam in the ocean : yes
  • Fallen asleep in school : alwaysss haha
  • Broken someone's heart : yes.
  • Cried when someone died : yes
  • Saved e-mails : yes.
  • Been cheated on : yes.

  • Your room look like :purple! ahha
  • What is right beside you : my sister's bed
  • What is the last thing you ate : donut gebu gila..=,=

-Ever Had-
  • Chicken pox : nope..
  • Sore throat : rarely. haha
  • Stitches : no!!!..taknak!
  • Broken nose : rarely..

-Do You-
  • Believe in love at first sight : yes. haha
  • Like picnics? : yeah!!!

  • Who did you last yell at? : BUDE..
      muhammad amri bin abdul rashid
  • Who was the last person you danced with? : 
       sorang-sorang dalam bilik air...agagagaga 
  • made you smile? :Errr..someone that IM me in facebook.

-Final Questions-
  • What are you listening to right now? :
       cinta dan benci by geisha..goshhh..
       good is true that is very difficult to hate
       somebody whom u have loved sooo deeply 
       even he has hurt you over over and over over again!
  • Are you the oldest? : nope.
       I'm the fifth ionisation "energy" my mom release me..:)
  • Indoors or outdoors? : both

-Today did you- 
  • Talk to someone you like? : no :(
  • Kiss anyone? : my mom..salbia omar:)))..\
  • Sing? : hahaha a lot!
  • Talk to an ex? : nope....tader ex..(pecaya la)
  • Miss someone ? : yesss!! my parents family and him :(
  • Eat? : yeahhh!! a lots beb!

-Last person who-
  • You talked to on the phone? : Atah!
  • Made you cry? : Hmmm... him.
  • Went to the movies with? :
      muhammad azmir bin abdul rashid....
  • You went to the mall with? : parents!!!
  • Who cheered you up? : all my friends. especially RO!

-Have you-
  • Been to KOREA? : nope..jauh bhai..
  • Been to USA? : nope...lagi tak pernah,,..haha

  • Have a crush on someone? : yes!!!...because im big!
  • What books are you reading right now? : 
       not reading any books!
  • Best feeling in the world :
      falling in love and the loved one love me back more than
      i loved   him...
      (out of syllabus)
  • Future kids name? :dont plan yet..
  • Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : haha a teddy bear
         ATAH menang dart!
  • What's under your bed? :aaaa.. lantai
  • Favourite sport(s) : aaaa.... rugby maybe?
  • Favourite place : my room,mall
  • Who do you really hate? : 
       hardly hate anyone who hate me!!..
       i will hate them more!
  • Do you have a job? : no, i'm student 
        with elaun rm1250..
  • What time is it now? : 10:34 pm

tader keje..sekian terima kasih..:)

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