Friday, August 19, 2011

kita selongkar!!!..agaggaga

what in my bag??..

  • Keys with my Marc Jacobs USB keychain: the keychain is in shape of a heart and says I ♥ MJ i.e. I love myself. A mantra every girl should have!
  • Bath&Body Works Sweet Pea Hand Sanitizer spray: a must-have in this world of germs.
  • body spray follow me and enchanteur paris adore:.sweet smell!..
  • matric card :it is easy if u found my dead body...grrr..
  • room and locker key: seri teja level 4 room 15..
  • handphone: my multitasking wondertool(even hp koman) and whenever I need to tune out the world: 
  • nivea pinkish boost:for some quick, instant glam.
  • clear smooth all in one spf 25 PA++..03 natural..shine free cake powder
  • Emergency Kit mini: pain killers, lozenges, tampons, nailfile, bandaids... and other things I might need one day!
  • Icon life u2me wallet: a gift from my dad after he felt sorry when he saw my ratty cheap-o walle
  • tissue and spare part of gagagagagagga:.for my safety hygiene...agaga..

out of title.:)

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