Friday, August 19, 2011

kita selongkar!!!..agaggaga

what in my bag??..

  • Keys with my Marc Jacobs USB keychain: the keychain is in shape of a heart and says I ♥ MJ i.e. I love myself. A mantra every girl should have!
  • Bath&Body Works Sweet Pea Hand Sanitizer spray: a must-have in this world of germs.
  • body spray follow me and enchanteur paris adore:.sweet smell!..
  • matric card :it is easy if u found my dead body...grrr..
  • room and locker key: seri teja level 4 room 15..
  • handphone: my multitasking wondertool(even hp koman) and whenever I need to tune out the world: 
  • nivea pinkish boost:for some quick, instant glam.
  • clear smooth all in one spf 25 PA++..03 natural..shine free cake powder
  • Emergency Kit mini: pain killers, lozenges, tampons, nailfile, bandaids... and other things I might need one day!
  • Icon life u2me wallet: a gift from my dad after he felt sorry when he saw my ratty cheap-o walle
  • tissue and spare part of gagagagagagga:.for my safety hygiene...agaga..

out of title.:)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

45 minutes survey:)

Name : MISS nurul husna binti abdul rashid

Brother(s) : 3 brothers.1 youngest brother

Eye colour : dark black!

Shoe size : 6. sometimes 7. haha

Hair : hmmm.....

Piercings : ear

Height : 156cm . .?? I dont remember! haha

What are you wearing right now : 
sleep all day grey version

Where do you live : rumah yang baru berubah rupa 
for my brother getting his marriege..

Favourite number : 22 and 4

Favourite drink : neskape full foam!!!..gaya  beb!!

Favourite month : april fool!

Favourite breakfast : sandwich tuna full 
mayo and salad..diabetik!

-Have you ever-
  • Broken a bone : NEBER..
  • Been in a police car : no
  • Fallen for a friend : yeah. haha so stupid.
  • Fallen for a guy in a short period of time : 
       hmmm. i dont know. oh i remembered. yes, once.twice.
  • Swam in the ocean : yes
  • Fallen asleep in school : alwaysss haha
  • Broken someone's heart : yes.
  • Cried when someone died : yes
  • Saved e-mails : yes.
  • Been cheated on : yes.

  • Your room look like :purple! ahha
  • What is right beside you : my sister's bed
  • What is the last thing you ate : donut gebu gila..=,=

-Ever Had-
  • Chicken pox : nope..
  • Sore throat : rarely. haha
  • Stitches : no!!!..taknak!
  • Broken nose : rarely..

-Do You-
  • Believe in love at first sight : yes. haha
  • Like picnics? : yeah!!!

  • Who did you last yell at? : BUDE..
      muhammad amri bin abdul rashid
  • Who was the last person you danced with? : 
       sorang-sorang dalam bilik air...agagagaga 
  • made you smile? :Errr..someone that IM me in facebook.

-Final Questions-
  • What are you listening to right now? :
       cinta dan benci by geisha..goshhh..
       good is true that is very difficult to hate
       somebody whom u have loved sooo deeply 
       even he has hurt you over over and over over again!
  • Are you the oldest? : nope.
       I'm the fifth ionisation "energy" my mom release me..:)
  • Indoors or outdoors? : both

-Today did you- 
  • Talk to someone you like? : no :(
  • Kiss anyone? : my mom..salbia omar:)))..\
  • Sing? : hahaha a lot!
  • Talk to an ex? : nope....tader ex..(pecaya la)
  • Miss someone ? : yesss!! my parents family and him :(
  • Eat? : yeahhh!! a lots beb!

-Last person who-
  • You talked to on the phone? : Atah!
  • Made you cry? : Hmmm... him.
  • Went to the movies with? :
      muhammad azmir bin abdul rashid....
  • You went to the mall with? : parents!!!
  • Who cheered you up? : all my friends. especially RO!

-Have you-
  • Been to KOREA? : nope..jauh bhai..
  • Been to USA? : nope...lagi tak pernah,,..haha

  • Have a crush on someone? : yes!!!...because im big!
  • What books are you reading right now? : 
       not reading any books!
  • Best feeling in the world :
      falling in love and the loved one love me back more than
      i loved   him...
      (out of syllabus)
  • Future kids name? :dont plan yet..
  • Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : haha a teddy bear
         ATAH menang dart!
  • What's under your bed? :aaaa.. lantai
  • Favourite sport(s) : aaaa.... rugby maybe?
  • Favourite place : my room,mall
  • Who do you really hate? : 
       hardly hate anyone who hate me!!..
       i will hate them more!
  • Do you have a job? : no, i'm student 
        with elaun rm1250..
  • What time is it now? : 10:34 pm

tader keje..sekian terima kasih..:)

Saturday, July 23, 2011



Dari dulu aku tak suka bila ada pilihan yang perlu dibuat.I hate to choose! Kalau pilih A,aku takut sesal kemudian.Begitu juga kalau pilih B.Hmm...

Maaf,aku memang tidak pandai memilih,membuat keputusan etc.Sebab itu aku selalu berubah keputusan,bukan aku tidak tetap pendirian,tetapi aku ada satu penyakit iaitu tidak matang untuk membuat sesuatu keputusan. Aku terlalu banyak berfikir kesan terhadap pilihan yang aku pilih.

Kadang-kadang jika aku tidak dapat memilih,aku tidak akan pilih mana-mana,aku biarkan pilihan begitu saja. Itulah kelemahan aku. Kadang-kadang buat keputusan mengikut hati,bukan akal.Bila ikut hati,sama saja ikut nafsu.Bila dah nafsuku yang sembilan berlawan dengan akalku yang satu,kadang kala akal tewas dek nafsu.
Itulah bila iman tidak kuat.

Now i need to choose,nak tidur ke,nak study..Help me,mana satu nak pilih??
Akal suruh study,nafsu suruh...????
Ahhh lu fikirlah sendiri!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

gila arh ASUS!


Memang dah target tak kira satu hari nanti aku pokai duit nak mati pung,,,aku tetap nekad nak beli Ipad jer tapi bila tengok ASUS keluarkan tablet EEE Pad Transformer ni, hati aku pada Ipad terus hilang, itu kerana gadjet neh dia keluarkan sekali dengan keyboard dock yang memang takde pada Ipad, aku neh memang lagi prefer keyboard dari touch screen, sebab jari aku selalu mengenekan pressure yang kuat terhadap touchscreen menyebabkan touchscreen tu jadik kemek!!

Memang fleksible ar kerana keyboard dia boleh tanggalkan dari skrin, kalau nak berbloging bolehlah guna keyboard and kalau nak facebooking jer leyh tinggalkan keyboard kat rumah, gaya beb!!

Lagi best bila aku tengok spesifikasi dia dengan 16 jam bateri kot kalau laptop timeline aku boleh tahan 8 jam neh tambah lagi 8 jam, memang puaslah aku berbloging berfesbukin beryoutube bershoping online bergosip berdakwah sekali.., kalau dengan screen jer dia boleh tahan 9 jam dan dengan keyboard tambah lagi 7 jam, perghh..memang tinggal kat rumah lah charge dia...

Banyak lagi spesifikasi dia yang terbaik and korang leyh stalk kat memane untuk usha lebih lanjut...Harga dia yang terbaek..murah kot kalau nak dibandingkan dengan Ipad kerana RM1498 untuk screen jer tanpa keyboard, dan tambah sikit untuk jadi RM1799 kalau nak dua-dua.. tapi aku harap time aku da keja nanti..biarla harga dia drop habis sebab mende neh maybe da ketinggalan zaman time aku nanti..kut kut aku pung da tak berkenan dengan mende neh...wah..impossible da derr!

Friday, May 20, 2011

seseme flu berhingus!

Seriously, this flu is a REAL SHIT!
Tissue's gone, and the water is cold. 

satu keja pung tak jadi bila seseme...aku tak packing barang lagii!!!

biology mood..:)

hello wbt..
u know..last night is the 5th night i not spend my time with facebook either skaip!..
elellelel...ekceli...i  just want to go to my biology book setelah almost i month i left them..not just biology..but include fizik chemis and maths!..HOWS BAD!

SO..last night..i re-opened my lecture notes of biology and i revised for the first chapter that is about the same laptop still in download progressing and i google some picture about cell to see it more clearly compared to my photostat lecture notes!
this what greatest awesome that i found..SUBHANALLAH!...god have mercy!!

Mushroom spores

Tip of the tongue of a Hummingbird Hawkmoth

An ant, holding a microchip

Surface of a silicon microchip

Surface of eyelashes from human skin at the first makhluk..walaweeii..sperm!..

Bacteria on the surface of your tongue

Human sperm

Kasut BATA yg mak abah ko beli, the velcro looks like this yaw~

A weave on a nylon stocking

A head of a mosquito

Kutu kat rambut akak ko

Mate binatang paling comel- tarantula

Pisau cukur after mencukur..kotor siut

Cigarette paper

A rusty metal's surface


ekceli..this what i found totaly out from my silibus..and all not about cell..but...also in daily live...ehem..but...harus diperingati..all this comes from KEBESARAN TUHAN!,,and all of this not have in my chapter except for the first pic that i learnt in sub chapter fungi..and pic number 6 and 8 about sperm that i learnt in reproductive...ovum nanti i google...hehe.....just want share what i proud of!..have fun!