Friday, May 20, 2011

biology mood..:)

hello wbt..
u know..last night is the 5th night i not spend my time with facebook either skaip!..
elellelel...ekceli...i  just want to go to my biology book setelah almost i month i left them..not just biology..but include fizik chemis and maths!..HOWS BAD!

SO..last night..i re-opened my lecture notes of biology and i revised for the first chapter that is about the same laptop still in download progressing and i google some picture about cell to see it more clearly compared to my photostat lecture notes!
this what greatest awesome that i found..SUBHANALLAH!...god have mercy!!

Mushroom spores

Tip of the tongue of a Hummingbird Hawkmoth

An ant, holding a microchip

Surface of a silicon microchip

Surface of eyelashes from human skin at the first makhluk..walaweeii..sperm!..

Bacteria on the surface of your tongue

Human sperm

Kasut BATA yg mak abah ko beli, the velcro looks like this yaw~

A weave on a nylon stocking

A head of a mosquito

Kutu kat rambut akak ko

Mate binatang paling comel- tarantula

Pisau cukur after mencukur..kotor siut

Cigarette paper

A rusty metal's surface


ekceli..this what i found totaly out from my silibus..and all not about cell..but...also in daily live...ehem..but...harus diperingati..all this comes from KEBESARAN TUHAN!,,and all of this not have in my chapter except for the first pic that i learnt in sub chapter fungi..and pic number 6 and 8 about sperm that i learnt in reproductive...ovum nanti i google...hehe.....just want share what i proud of!..have fun!

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